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Analysis of the Status Quo of the Global Lawn Mower Industry in 2022

China's domestic market demand is small, mainly export

This is an in-depth analysis of the development status of the lawn mower industry, the industry’s upstream and downstream industry chains, the competitive landscape, and key enterprises, to minimize investment risks and operating costs of enterprises, and improve enterprise competitiveness; and use a variety of data Analyze technology to predict the development trend of the industry so that enterprises can seize market opportunities in time

Lawn Mower Review

A lawn mower, also known as a weeder, lawnmower, lawn trimmer, etc., is a machine used to trim lawns, vegetation, etc. Lawn mowers are highly popular and can be widely used in turf trimming in private gardens, public green spaces and professional lawns. The market demand accounts for a large proportion of the total demand for garden machinery products. Lawn mowers can be divided into gasoline power, AC power and DC power according to the power source.

Lawn mower classification and comparison

Power Type

Power sourceApplication ScenarioAdvantageDisadvantage
Gasoline PoweredPetrol EngineLarger gardens and other outdoor operationsHigh power, portability, good cutting effect, strong battery lifePoor environmental protection, loud noise, high cost of use
AC powerExternal Power supplyPrivate garden, small yard workGood environmental protection, strong battery life, high cost of use, low cost of usepoor portability
DC power classLead-acid batteriesGarden roads, garden courtyards and other outdoor operationsGood environmental performance, easy to use, low operating costRelatively high price, poor battery life
lithium batteryGarden roads, garden courtyards and other outdoor operationsHigh power, long battery life, intelligent (development direction)Still need to invest in development costs

Development History of the Global Lawn Mower Industry

Since Edwin Budding, an engineer in Gloucestershire, England, applied for the first patent for a lawnmower in 1830, the development of lawnmowers has roughly gone through three stages: the era of manpower mowing (1830-1880s), the era of motorization (1890s -1950s) and the era of intelligence (1960s to present).

lawn mower for sale

The era of manpower mowing (1830-1880s)

The era of motorization (1890s -1950s)

The era of intelligence (1960s to present)

Lawn mower industry chain

From the perspective of the lawn mower industry chain, it is mainly divided into two supply chains: fuel lawn mowers and electric lawn mowersAmong them, the upstream of fuel lawn mowers is mainly the engine, the upstream of electric lawn mowers is mainly batteries; the midstream is related brands and foundries of lawn mowers; the downstream is sales channels, including supermarket retailers, distributors and online sales channels


Middle reaches


With the continuous development of my country’s economic strength and industrial level in recent years, my country’s engine industry has gradually matured. According to data, my country’s engine output has remained basically stable in recent years, and the output in 2021 will be 2,682,065,000 kilowatts, a year-on-year increase of 2.1%.

Output and growth rate of China's engine industry

The scale of the lithium battery cell equipment market continues to grow, and China has already occupied half of the global market. According to relevant statistics, the global lithium battery cell equipment market size in 2021 will be 79.2 billion yuan, of which China’s lithium battery cell equipment scale will be 50 billion yuan, accounting for 63.13%

Market Scale of Lithium Battery Cell Equipment in China

Analysis of the status quo of the lawn mower industry

Global Market Status

From the perspective of the global lawn mower market size, according to statistics, the global lawn mower industry market size will reach US$31.8 billion in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 5.65%. It is estimated that the market size will reach 44.1 billion yuan in 2027, with a CAGR of 5.6%.

Market size and growth rate of the global lawn mower industry

From the perspective of market size distribution, the domestic market demand for lawn mowers is small, and self-owned brand products are mainly exported. At present, 80% of the global demand for lawn mowers is in the United States and Europe.

Global Lawn Mower Market Demand Distribution

China's export situation

Judging from the export status of the domestic market, according to statistics, the export volume of China’s lawn mower industry in 2021 will be 21.59 million units, and the export value will be 2.337 billion US dollars. The export volume and export value will maintain a year-on-year growth trend.

Export Quantity and Amount of Lawn Mower Industry in China from 2017 to 2021

From the perspective of export product structure, products related to horizontal rotary lawn, park or sports ground mowers account for more than 70%. In 2021, the export volume of this product series will reach 15.69 million units, and the export value will be 1.894 billion US dollars.

Export Product Structure of China's Lawn Mower Industry in 2021

Competitive landscape of lawn mower industry

From the perspective of market competition, overseas giants occupy a large share, and domestic manufacturers are rising rapidly. The top five garden machinery suppliers in the world are Husqvarna Group, Deere, Toro, MTD, and STIHL, with a combined share of 50% of the market that year. However, domestic manufacturers such as Chervon, Daye, Greebo and other enterprises have risen rapidly in the field of garden machinery.

Statistics on operating income of major Chinese lawn mower manufacturers from 2019 to 2021

The future development trend of lawn mower industry

From the perspective of various types of lawn mowers: gasoline lawn mowers use traditional gasoline engines, which have the advantages of high power and good cutting effects. There are many limitations; AC lawn mowers are powered by AC motors, and the cost is low, but they need to be connected to a power source, which is poor in portability; DC electric power lawn mowers are powered by DC motors and rechargeable batteries as power sources Efficiency, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection and other advantages. Among them, lithium-ion DC lawn mowers use lithium-ion batteries as the power source, and generally use DC brushless motors. With the accumulation of technology in the lithium battery industry, lithium-ion lawn mowers are currently developing in the direction of high power, long battery life, and intelligence. , more in line with market demand.

The market segment of lawn mowers includes mowing robots, which is the main development direction in the future, but the overall penetration rate of the lawn mowing robot industry is low and is still in its infancy; there are still major pain points in some markets that have not been resolved, and the core functions of technology & products It is the main driving factor at the current stage; when the product performance is gradually improved to solve the pain points, the growth rate of the overall lawn mowing robot is far beyond this.


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