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R550E-24 cutting width 550mm/21.6″

  • Ternary lithium battery: 24V 260AH
  • Electric Motor: Permanent magnet brushless
  • Cutting Width: 550mm
  • Cutting Height: 20-180mm
  • Blade Height Adjustment: 10-180mm
  • Walking Speed: 0-4.7km/H
  • Max Working Slope: 45°
  • Charging Method :External Power Charging
  • Operation Method: Remote Control Walking, Remote
  • Way Of Walking: Electric Crawler Self-Propelled


Battery Powered Robotic Electric Remote control lawn Mower for sale

Robotic Electric Remote control lawn mower work perfect for both large and small lawns. This state-of-the-art mower boasts a remote-controlled drive system and electric power for efficiency. Its lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability in tight spaces, while the quiet motor ensures clean and effective cutting. Experience a cleaner and faster way to care for your lawn with our Battery powered robotic remote control lawn mower!

R550E-24 Robotic remote control Electric lawn mower

R550E-24 Robotic remote control Electric lawn mower. It can be used for mowing of wasteland, orchards, farms,river banks, road slopes, wetlands, greening, etc.

After you choose this remote controlled lawn mower, you can purchase some spare parts for maintenance.

How much lawn can the R550E-24 Robotic Electric Remote control lawn Mower mow in an hour?

0.3 acres (1200 quare meters ) mowed per hour R550 series

Robotic Remote Control Electric Lawn mowers Features

  • Charging: 6 hours of charging, 8 hours of work time.
  • The battery is rated for 8000-10000 cycles
  • Battery: Ternary lithium battery (48V 140AH) or (24V,120AH)
  • Plug:220V or 110V conversion head charging
  • Walking Motor: brushed motor.
  • Woking cutting blade: Permanent magnet brushless motor.
  • Walking and working blade use same battery
Weight 189 kg
Dimensions 103 × 98 × 77 cm
Cutting width


HS Code


Delivery Service

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Crawler remote controlled Lawn Mower

Remove battery, With Battery


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