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R800-L452 Crawler

  • Electric Start
  • 16 HP LONCIN 482CC Vertical axis four stroke
  • Cutting Width: 800mm


Original price was: $2,900.00.Current price is: $2,700.00.

Gasoline Crawler remote control slope lawn mower for sale

If you’re looking for an efficient and easy way to mow your lawn, a remote control track lawn mower may be the solution for you. Not only do they provide an effortless mowing experience, but they also offer convenience and versatility. In this blog post, we’ll explore why you need a China Gasoline Crawler remote control slope lawn mower, what they can do, and how they can help you maintain a perfectly manicured lawn.

R800-L452 Crawler remote control lawn mower

R800-L452 Crawler remote control lawn mower. It can be used for mowing of wasteland, orchards, farms,river banks, road slopes, wetlands, greening, etc.

After you choose this remote controlled lawn mower, you can purchase some spare parts for maintenance.

Our gasoline remote control lawn mowers are CE certified and equipped with gasoline engines that meet both Euro V non-road and EPA emission standards

How much lawn can the R800-L452 mow in an hour?

0.55 acres (2200 quare meters ) mowed per hour R800 series

Weight 285 kg
Dimensions 117 × 125 × 76 cm
Cutting width


HS Code


Quality Assurance

CE (2006/42/EC), EPA Emission Certifcate, Euro V Emission Certifcate

Delivery Service

We can do Door to Door Delivery Service!

Blade System


Coverage Area

0.30 acres per hour

Drive Type

All wheel


With Cruise Control

Turning radius

zero turn

Power Source



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Buy remote control lawn mower

Our remote control lawn mowers are compact, flexible and can work under trees. Four-wheel drive and crawler drive, strong climbing ability. It truly realizes the separation of man and machine, with a mowing efficiency of 2000-3000 square meters per hour, freeing operators from heavy physical labor and dangerous areas.

Robot remote control Lawn Mower FAQ

Discover how a remote control lawn mower can transform your lawn care routine! Our robot remote control lawn mower FAQ answers all your questions, from setup and operation to maintenance and troubleshooting. Learn how this smart technology can save you time and effort while keeping your lawn perfectly manicured. Click now to find out more!

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