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Remote Control Lawn Mower Accessories

Remote control lawn mowers often have a range of accessories available that can enhance their performance and functionality. Here are some common accessories you may want to consider:

  1. Grass Catcher: A grass catcher attachment can help keep your lawn looking neat and tidy by collecting grass clippings as you mow.
  2. Mulching Kit: A mulching kit can chop grass clippings into smaller pieces and distribute them back into your lawn, which can help promote healthy lawn growth.
  3. Trailer Hitch: A trailer hitch attachment can allow you to attach a small trailer to your mower, which can be useful for hauling yard waste or supplies.
  4. Snow Plow: Some remote control lawn mowers can be equipped with a snow plow attachment, which can make clearing snow from your driveway or walkway quick and easy.
  5. Lights: Lights can help you see where you’re mowing in low light conditions and increase safety during dusk or dawn mowing.
  6. Remote Control Range Extender: A range extender can improve the range of your remote control, allowing you to operate your mower from a greater distance.
  7. Battery Charger: If your mower is battery-operated, a spare battery charger can be useful for keeping a second battery charged and ready to go.

Be sure to check with the manufacturer of your mower to see which accessories are compatible with your model. Some accessories may require professional installation or may not be recommended for use with certain models.


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