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RC Lawn Mower Working Demo

The RC lawn mower working video show demonstrates the amazing capabilities of this type of device. It is capable of cutting through thick brush and grass with ease and precision.

RC Lawn Mower Teaching


A remote control lawn mower is a great way to save time and energy while mowing your lawn. You can control the direction, speed, and height of the mower with the touch of a button.

In addition to lowering the risk of injury or strain on your back and joints, it also reduces that risk.




High and low Speed Switch


Coach Function Switch


Lifting and lowering of cutter head


Channel 6


Blade Revolution RPMS


Power Indicator


Walking Return Speed


Body Turning


Throttle Fine-Tuning Elevator Fine Adjustment


Elevator Fine Adjustment Throttle Fine-Tuning


Power Turn On/Off

Fine Adjustment Of Direction

Aileron Fine Adjustment


Up Key

Exit Key

Down Button

RC Lawn Mower Woking Video

Please take a look at the video of how the remote controlled lawn mower cuts grass under different terrain conditions, hillsides, wasteland, orchards, garden green belts…  Lawn mowers also help reduce the risk of dangerous animals entering populated areas by keeping long grass and weeds at a minimum. This is especially important in areas that are prone to wildfires and can be dangerous for local wildlife. Furthermore, lawn mowers help keep the area tidy and can make it easier to spot any hazardous areas that need to be addressed.

Work Mowing In Orcahrd

RC lawn Mower operation performance test

The performance of remote control lawn mowers before shipment is an important part of the production process. This test ensures that the mower is operating correctly and will be able to perform its intended functions once it reaches its destination. This test should be performed on all mowers before they are shipped out.

Don't Want To Be Tired While Mowing

Once upon a time, Emilia Hauck lived on a farm. She had to cut the grass every day, using a hand-held mower. It was hard work, and she often felt tired and sore.  One day, she saw a neighbor using a remote-controlled lawn mower. It was so effortless and fast! She realized that she needed one of those mowers, too.  Finally, she was able to buy a brand new remote controlled lawn mower. It was a dream come true! No more hand cramps, no more backaches. She was able to cut the grass with ease and enjoy the beautiful day outside.

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